accounting services

Using simple, standardized procedures, Kredia manages your current accounting in a fast and efficient manner. When you work with us, you can always anticipate the cost, something we think is an extremely important ingredient in your own business, and you can even review your bookkeeping on the Internet whenever you want.

How does it happen?

You collect the accounting material; verifications, bank transfer list, invoice and payroll etc., and send them to us or leave them personally.

Once all the material has been handed over to us, we take care of everything according to your wishes and you do not need to think more about it

After all, we will send a financial report to you and make the book available to you on the Internet. We also fill in and send in VAT and possibly. employer's declaration to the tax office, if applicable.

Of course, we have also thought about the future and look forward to meeting once or twice a year to discuss the company's development. We help you with investments, tax planning, pension insurance, even your private finances

We, is an accounting firm with qualified and long experience in all matters of economy to a company. Therefore, we want you as a customer to feel safe with our cooperation and our pursuit of making your life as an entrepreneur as comfortable as possible

Below you will find a selection of the most commonly used accounting services we perform.

Ongoing accounting

Ongoing accounting is a requirement for anyone engaged in business activities, which means that you record all business events, such as revenue, purchases and payments chronologically and systematically. Ongoing accounting is our most common assignment.


All companies that are subject to VAT must report the tax to the tax office monthly, quarterly or yearly. We may, upon your request, assist you in taking care of all types of VAT reporting to the Swedish Tax Agency (only companies working in Sweden). For companies in other countries we are able to help you in that country.

Financial Statements and Annual Report

We help our customers to prepare financial statements and annual reports. In case the company has an accountant, we can deal with this. If your company is also in need of an accountant, we can communicate with one.


We can carry out all administration regarding salaries such as wage specifications, reporting to authorities, tax returns, check details and payment of salaries to the company's employees. We can also assist in other issues such as the establishment of employment contracts, interpretation of labor law and other personnel related services.

Income Statement

We can assist you in setting up declarations for your company, and we will gladly help you with your private declarations if desired. We are constantly updated on tax changes and can therefore help you with all the rules and laws contained in tax law.