Legal services

Business law

Whatever the size of the company, every company needs some time to use legal expertise in order for the running business to work efficiently.

Contracts and agreements

Agreements are central to all business activities. All companies are placed on a regular basis for contractual issues. How can we design our delivery agreement? We are going to acquire an incentive - how do we write the agreement? How should the agreement between two partners be? Should we sign an agent agreement or a reseller agreement?

No matter what type of agreement your company needs help designing. Then we can help you design an agreement that is well-proven and legally sustainable and adapted to your specific requirements.

Company law

Corporate law issues affect all businesses and types of companies.

There are a wide range of issues that can affect your company. You might want help with, for example, company formation, settlement of one business or an entire company. or you may have questions about newcomers, capital acquisitions, or have questions about which occupies the company's CEO or other key employees within the company.

You might need legal guidance and assistance with the knowledgeable expertise associated with different types of business considerations.

Even with a sale of the company, it may be good to ensure that all protocols and other documents are in place to avoid "backlash" and other unnecessary complications that might otherwise arise after a closed company business.

We can also assist in evaluating your company for future sales or, conversely, making a valuation of a company that you intend to purchase. We can then help you to ensure that you have the correct decision to complete a possible company acquisition.

Immaterial rights

In all companies there are intangible assets. It may be a trademark, company secret information, patents, texts and images on the website or in a brochure.

How the company chooses to protect these assets and act to avoid the invasion of others affects the value of assets and these issues are therefore very important.

The week helps you with registration and protection of your brand. We can also assist in designing agreements governing the sale or use of these intangible assets.

We can also assist you with further assistance if you wish to help increase the value of these assets or other measures to strengthen asset status.


Almost all companies, regardless of size or industry, occasionally come out for customers who for various reasons fail to pay for the product (s) you have delivered. Loan losses can cause major damage to the company and its operations if these are not handled properly.

We can help you develop procedures to best prevent and reduce the damage that such a loss may cause.

We can assist you in designing payment plans, withdrawal reservations, etc.

Almost every company happens sometime because a customer gets payment difficulties and therefore can not pay his invoices. Loan losses can cause major problems, especially for smaller companies.

We can also advise on how to act against a customer who is in insolvency.

Tax Law

Whether you have a small or a large company, you've probably come across different tax issues that concern you and your business. You may have wondered if you, for example, pay too much tax, how to calculate VAT, if the wages of your taxes are taxed correctly. You may have wondered about the benefit values ​​and how they work. Different issues regarding taxation of real estate.

You may have a company that expands and wants tax planning in the company for the business to function optimally without negative tax consequences.

Or you may have received a claim or other request from the Swedish Tax Agency, and want help to respond to this requirement / request in a professional manner without risking you doing wrong and thus doing more harm than it was intended.

Because we work on accounting issues daily. Are questions about tax law, something that we meet daily.

We can help you to spell out all kinds of tax issues, from simple to more complex. We can also act as legal representative in case of disputes with authorities or other parties